Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hyperodes weevil

The above photo shows the hyperodes weevil larvae that are responsible for the damage that is apparent on the collar of the eight hole. The hyperodes weevil feeds on Poa annua. While we will aerate this area and seed it with bentgrass it makes for some ugly looking turf right now. The tough thing about this insect is that it is so hard to control and has documented resistance to some of the more popular insecticides on the market. If you have read some of my previous posts I have mentioned the advantages of bentgrass over Poa annua and this is one of them as hyperodes weevil only occasionally feed on bentgrass. Unfortunately FHFC has a very large population of Poa annua so letting these little guys dine away to increase the bentgrass population is not really feasible. We will be treating the areas that are effected with another round of insecticide this week but some of the damage is done. As my old boss and mentor Pete Pedrazzi used to say,  "Poa is like an old girlfriend, you don't now how much you miss her until she is gone".


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A.W. Tillinghast

A.W. Tillinghast
Architect Forest Hill Field Club "I know of one club which is about to make heroic efforts to eliminate every root of poa annua which flourishes on their greens and yet these same greens are remarkably true. This would seem to bear out the contention of one celebrated expert that poa annua should be encouraged and not despised. He asserts that if it is not regarded as a weed but nourished and kept carefully cut, it will produce wonderfully hardy and true turf." "That is poa annua, a sort of outcast blue grass. It drops its seed plentifully and spreads rapidly. Maybe it would be well to try a test bed of it and give the poor old bum a real chance. He may prove a gentleman after all."

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