Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drainage work

While we wait on a pipe delivery for the next part of our drainage project on the 11th hole we decided to tackle a relatively small project on the 9th. I am sure you have all seen and had to play around the water that collects in the approach after a heavy rain. We decided to (finally) do something about it. We are installing a surface drainage grate and a small amount of pipe that will channel this standing water away from this high play area. We should have this project completed by the end of the day and with rain in the forecast on Thursday it will not take us long to see if it works successfully. One of the goals we have going forward is to address areas such as this and chip away at our drainage problems. These little projects add up  and will make a big difference in the condition of the course.

First we sod cut the trench line where the drain will be run.

Fernando is working on the area where
the drainage box will be placed.


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A.W. Tillinghast

A.W. Tillinghast
Architect Forest Hill Field Club "I know of one club which is about to make heroic efforts to eliminate every root of poa annua which flourishes on their greens and yet these same greens are remarkably true. This would seem to bear out the contention of one celebrated expert that poa annua should be encouraged and not despised. He asserts that if it is not regarded as a weed but nourished and kept carefully cut, it will produce wonderfully hardy and true turf." "That is poa annua, a sort of outcast blue grass. It drops its seed plentifully and spreads rapidly. Maybe it would be well to try a test bed of it and give the poor old bum a real chance. He may prove a gentleman after all."

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