Thursday, March 15, 2012

And the winner is..........

It was a tough call but Emmanuel "The Laser" Martinez takes the first of our monthly straightest mowing lines contest. Contestants were judged on direction, straightness, and consistency of width. It was a tough call with Fernando Ulloa coming in a close second with his work on the first green but "The Laser" gets the nod due to his perfect stripes on third green. Incidentally Fernando originally taught Manny to mow greens so he can take pride in his protege.  Manny earned extra points due to #3 green being two tiered. All the contestants did there best on a morning that was absent of dew which put added pressure to the event.  For his fine work Emmanuel wins a $20 gift certificate to Franks Pizza and more importantly, bragging rights for the month. Congratulations Manny!

"The Laser" with his winnings


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A.W. Tillinghast

A.W. Tillinghast
Architect Forest Hill Field Club "I know of one club which is about to make heroic efforts to eliminate every root of poa annua which flourishes on their greens and yet these same greens are remarkably true. This would seem to bear out the contention of one celebrated expert that poa annua should be encouraged and not despised. He asserts that if it is not regarded as a weed but nourished and kept carefully cut, it will produce wonderfully hardy and true turf." "That is poa annua, a sort of outcast blue grass. It drops its seed plentifully and spreads rapidly. Maybe it would be well to try a test bed of it and give the poor old bum a real chance. He may prove a gentleman after all."

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